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Central Water and Air Solutions was founded by Robert M. Breighner in April, 1987. Breighner says his career with RainSoft began at a crossroads in his life where opportunity and a desire to improve himself as a person came together.

Breighner began as a RainSoft salesman in 1986. Today, he is proud to be a dealer of clean, quality
RainSoft water and products to customers throughout Carroll County, MD. Breighner says being able to help people solve water issues has been a more-than rewarding career.

RainSoft’s founder, John Grayson, said in 1964 that the government would not be able to improve
water for everyone, but that it would fall to individual homeowners to improve their water by purchasing RainSoft water systems. Breighner believes this is true, and Central Water and Air Solutions is committed to helping customers improve their quality of life with RainSoft products for home and business.

We offer free in-home water quality testing, salt delivery, annual bacteria tests, annual refills, well repairs, pumps, storage tanks, upgrades of existing purification units and free parts under warranty.

When you choose Central Water and Air Solutions, you’re choosing award-winning service. We received RainSoft’s Mid-Atlantic Rookie of the Year Award in 1987 and Top Commercial Salesperson Award in 1993 and 1998. We are a multi-time winner of the Excellence in Customer Satisfaction Award, as well as the Gold Circle Tiger Award and the 20 Year Dealer Award.

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250 Englar Rd Ste 8
Westminster, MD 21157
(410) 833-4815

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